COPYRIGHT 2013 Jacquie Dodes-Walter

​​​​The rains came and so did I.  My arrival on a stormy Brooklyn night was creative and dramatic.  As predicted, after mandatory schooling, I attended the Art Students League, the High School of Music and Art and earned a BFA in Design /Art Education from Pratt Institute.  At Columbia University, I added an MA and an MEd in Counseling Psychology.

My design portfolio received mention in national magazines, and my art sold thru galleries and exhibitions.  At Metropolitan Hospital, counseling and art were an easy mix when art intervened to better support clients.  However, cold winters, lack of greenery, and a 6th floor walk-up wore my psyche thin.  I longed for a warmer climate.  Houston called.

In Houston, my counseling practice thrived.  At the same time, I mentored adult art students and headed a youth program at art an academy.  I continued to paint, wrote a relationship column for national publications, and widened my art productions into the cuties you’ll see on this site.  

Although I left the Big Apple, the sp
irit of that city stays in my core.  Evidence of this connection is in my colorful and angular work:  a blend of urban roots and the mysteries of the human mind.  

My husband Jim is also an artist and writer.  We are each other’s critic and mentor. When I feel the need to “freshen my palette,” visiting unfamiliar cultures is one approach for meeting this imperative.